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ISO Type 35: Cemented or clamped Disc

ISO Type 36: Inserted Nut Disc

ISO Type 37: Inserted disc Cylinder


The ever increasing demand for reductions in the unit cost per work piece ground, drives the quest for abrasive wheel manufactures like Phoenix to continuously strive for technology advantage.

Recent developments in our new organic bond technology has produced new bond systems allowing for the inclusion of “SolGel” ceramic abrasive grits, which provide a unique combination of hardness and toughness with high stock removal and per forms equally well grinding ferrous or nonferrous metals. The benefits delivered from this new generation of wheel, which give 30-50 percent longer life, far out weigh the higher cost of the wheel.

Grinding machines; Bennett's, Diskus and Giustina take wheels within the diameter range 200mm to 915mm with various nut patterns for grinding: Springs, Cylinder heads, Piston Rings, Valves, Bearing races, Bearing roller end, Pliers, spanners and sockets.

Above is an Example of our Nut-Inserted Wheels

914mm Perforated Wheel for Gardner machine

Segmental Surface Grinding

Vertical or horizontal spindle machines fitted with resin bonded abrasives segments are the optimum method of achieving a

heavy, fast and economical way of stock removal.

Segments are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the design of the machine.

The number of segments per set is dependant on the overall diameter of the segmental arrangement and the capacity of
the machine.

Segments are fitted in the grinding head or chuck and held in place by ‘wedges’.

With high powered vertical spindle machines capable of delivering heavy grinding pressures it is critical that compliance with

the safety rules as per ISO EN 12413:1999 are met.
Above is an Example of our Segmental Surface Grinding
The maximum unsupported length of segment protruding from the chuck must not be greater than 1.5 times the thickness of the segment.

To gain cost benefits the segmental grinder should be fitted with the maximum length segment the machine can accommodate
without contravening the above safety rule. Softer ‘grades’ are the norm in segmental grinding owing to the greater contact area of segment on work piece.

The choice of ‘grit’ size to be used is dependant on the material to be ground and the finish required.

The introduction of machines using 250hp motors with improved feed rates can deliver stock removal rates of 250kg per hour.
This is very cost effective when compared to the modern planning and milling methods.

Resin bond segments reduce grinding costs by the ability of the segment to:

Grind difficult materials or a combination of materials. Heavy stock removal without jeopardising the requirement surface finish.

Provides a complete Abrasive Machining Process.

Here is a List of Specifications:
LUND 4183 SS/12 84 103 38 152
CHURCHILL SS/16 84 103 38 229
CHURCHILL SS/17 100 81 38 190
CHURCHILL SS/18 84 103 38 190
CHURCHILL SS/25 84 103 38 203
LUMSDEN SS/13 117 79 44 152
LUMSDEN SS/14 117 79 44 203
LUMSDEN SS/21 117 79 44 190
LUMSDEN SS/22 117 79 44 229
SNOW H1(V18) SS/19 89 117 44 203
SNOW H2(V12) SS/6 89/117 95 44 152
SNOW H2 (V12) SS/26 89/117 95 44 203
SNOW H2 (V12) SS/27 89/117 95 44 254
SNOW H2 (V12) SS/28 89/117 95 44 180
SNOW No.4 (GA32) SS/8 110 95 44 254
SNOW No.4b SS/1 106 85 44 254
SNOW B2 (G26) SS/5 222 154 76 305
SNOW 1A SS/7 222 158 100 406
SNOW B1 SS/10 222 131 95 305
SNOW B2 (G20) SS/20 222 154 76 305
LUMSDEN SS/23 168 114 57 229
LUMSDEN SS/24 168 114 57 305
SNOW IC (GA14) SS/2 152 84 76 229
SNOW C1/7 SS/9 152 84 76 178
SNOW GB42 SS/11 270 216 100 305
SNOW 2C SS/3 152 108 44 203
GOCKLE SS/30 63 80 32 127

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