Centreless Grinding

Phoenix Abrasives has gained a worldwide reputation for providing grinding wheels of high quality and premium performance for centreless grinding applications with its Phoenix brand.

These organic bond wheels made at the Chesterfield factory using tough, premium abrasive with a superior organic resin bond system produce wheels delivering the benefits of high “G” ratios and are excellent for heavy duty grinding as they are more forgiving than the vitrified bond counterparts

Resin bond wheels are ideal for stock removal, long irregular components and faster through feed grinding.

Product Availability

508 mm diameter— up to 305 mm wide

610 mm diameter— up to 305 mm wide

660 mm diameter— up to 254 mm wide

Wider wheels can be supplied by using multiples of the above sizes either clamped or cemented together . Hole sizes and recesses can be machined to suit customers requirements.


Brown Aluminium Oxide, to grind ferrous materials

Silicon Carbide, to grind non ferrous materials and stainless steel.

Mixed Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide, to grind stainless steel and some special steels.

White Aluminium Oxide, a special free cutting abrasive to grind heat sensitive ferrous materials.

Seeded Gel abrasive for premium high performance grinding.

Grit Size

This is a function of the surface finish required and can be varied to suit the grinding application. Grit size is normally between 24 grit and 150 grit.

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