Foundry Trade

High speed resin-bonded grinding wheels for fettling

Phoenix Abrasive fettling wheels are available in sizes to suit all applications.

In simple terms, the grinding wheel consists of two main elements:

The abrasive grains

Performs the actual metal removal which depending on the grinding application can be:

Aluminium Oxide – Because of its tough nature, this is recommended for use on metals having tensile strengths, such as onannealed malleable, hard bronze and steels.

White Aluminium Oxide – A refined form of the above that has a high degree of friability. It has exceptionally fast cutting properties.

Silicon Carbide – This abrasive is very brittle but it is also one of the hardest manufactured, thus being conductive to the efficient grinding of material of low tensile strength e.g. cast and chilled iron, aluminium, copper, brass, porcelain, etc.

Zirconium – This special abrasive, mixed with the other more conventional abrasives, possesses special characteristics which can be said to have revolutionised “fettling”. The percentage of Zirconium used to give the optimum results is dependant on individual users’ requirements and circumstances. Generally speaking, zirconium produces a faster cutting rate relative to grinding life, resulting in a major cost saving to the user.

Seeded Gel Abrasives – This latest grain technology whilst at a premium price delivers premium performance costs effectively.

The bond

Holds the abrasive grains together

After mixing, pressing, curing, over speed testing and stringent inspection control throughout each process, the finished product constitutes a compound of many thousands of cutting tools, bonded together to a selected strength and grain distribution, and with the added advantage of being self sharpening.

Floor stand and swing frame machines

These large wheels are typically between 400 x 50 x 150mm and 915 x 80 x 304.8mm. Phoenix manufacturing expertise has developed a robust wheel to encounter some of the most demanding requirements in this industry sector. Phoenix market leadership in this market segment sets the standards of performance.

Portable Fettling Wheels

These wheels are especially designed to withstand the most punishing applications asked for them. Often used to remove moulding lines and flashes on foundry products and heavy metal fabrications. Wheels are produced in diameters of 100, 150 and 200mm to suit all portable machines and their fixings.

Inserted Nut Cones + Plugs

Sometimes referred to as “Pot Ball” these inserted nut cones are extensively used in foundries and metal producing plants. They are tough and durable to withstand the rigors of application and are available in a full range of sizes and grades.

ISO Standard Shapes: Type 16, 17, 18, &19
  • ISO Type 16 Tapered Cone Curved Sides
  • ISO Type 17 Tapered Cone Straight Sides
  • ISO Type 18 Plug Flat End
  • ISO Type 18R Plug Round end
  • ISO Type 19 Plug Conical End

Phoenix Cones and Plugs are manufactured with blinds threaded holes and are extensively used in Foundries. They are tough and durable to withstand the rigors of application.

When mounting, it is important that the hole is free from foreign matter and that the threaded spindle is shorter than the hole so that it will be long enough to give sufficient thread engagement to hold the cone but not to press on the bottom of the hole. The flange should not be recesses as this would tend to pull out the nut insert.

Phoenix abrasives offer a comprehensive range with proven product specifications.

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