Phoenix Naylors Abrasives Ltd.
Unit 1 Shepley South Industrial Estate
Audenshaw / Manchester / M34 5DW

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The Phoenix Abrasive Wheel Cc. Ltd.
Shepley South Industrial Estate
M34 5DW
Telephone: 0161 320 9580
Fax: 0161 335 9074

Company registered in London 929557 | VAT No: GB 677 6764 68

Resin Bonded Grinding Wheels - Grinding Wheels - Bonded Grinding Wheels - Fettling Wheels - Roll Grinding Wheels - Inserted Nut Cones and Plugs - Abrasive Wheel Manufacturers - Rail Grinding Wheels Grindstone - Razor Blade Grinding Wheels - Surgical Blade Honing Sharpening -Razor Blade Sharpening - Needle Grinding - Hypodermic Needle Grinding

Phoenix Abrasives - Site Content Guide
As abrasive wheels manufacturers this site showcases our grinding and abrasive wheels range including resin bonded grinding wheels, grinding wheels, bonded grinding wheels, fettling wheels, roll grinding wheels, inserted nut cones and plugs, nut cones and plugs, rail grinding wheels, razor blade grinding wheels plus our services including surgical blade honing and needle grinding. Services include: rail track grinding, razor blade sharpening, hypodermic needle grinding, surgical blade sharpening, and rail grindstone